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Anonymous said: That was perfect advice , thank you !! U talk abt him like your still in love, are u ? Dose he have a tumblr ? Btw I adore your blog !! (:

you’re welcome :) and lol, chill.
yes he does have a tumblr.
and thank you!


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Anonymous said: Ohh . Would you recommend being in one ? How was it for u ?

tbh, being in a long distance relationship was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I fell in love for the first time and it felt amazing. I loved and noticed things about him more than I would in a “regular” relationship. his laugh and smile, the way he spoke, and little things about him started to become my favorite things. I noticed the tiny freckles under his eyes that you could only see if you really looked at someone. I noticed the way his eyes looked and how one may squint more than the other when he selfied. or the way his top lip curves that just made me want to kiss him.
the little things also become big things when you’re in a ldr. everyday, I thought about him and I wondered if he thought about me too. I looked forward to the late night facetimes/phone calls. those were the best. I fell in love with the way he slept when he fell asleep on the phone with me. his snore and the way he breathes became so soothing that it was the only way I could fall asleep at night.
it was an amazing feeling when I would hear or see something that reminded me of him and when I told him it made him so happy bc it meant he knew I was thinking of him. like one time, when we first started talking, he sent me a picture of this beautiful flower and told me it was for me bc he was thinking of me. idk, even though I he couldn’t really give it to me, it still meant a lot. I still have the picture, and that was a little over a year ago.
but not being able to kiss and cuddle with him was the worst. and when I needed him to hug me when I was having a bad day and he couldn’t be there for me, it made me sad. even though he made me so happy, I was sad all the time. I wished nothing but for him to be with me, but he was so far away.
sorry it’s so long, but this is what you have to be prepared for with falling in love with someone you may never meet. it’ll be one of the hardest things you’ll go through in life but if you’re both ready for the commitment, I say go for it. but make sure this person is worth it. seriously. bc if something bad happens to where you two don’t speak anymore, you’ll be sad for a very long time. communication is key. don’t be afraid to say how you feel.





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